When the weather is nice, you’ll likely spend more time outside. Enjoy the sun while entertaining family and friends in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you already have a place to cook outside or you’re upgrading your outdoor living area, these outdoor kitchen ideas will inspire you to make the most of the space.

Planning Your Deck

If you’re building a deck to support your kitchen, be careful when choosing materials. Pressure-treated lumber is an inexpensive way to go but tends to age faster than other materials and requires more maintenance.

Don’t build your dream kitchen only to have the flooring beneath it rot away. When building a deck, shop for composite decking materials. This material is made of plastics or a combination of wood and plastic scraps. It’s durable, stain-resistant, and won’t warp or rot. Composite decks will last longer and don’t attract termites or other wood-destroying insects.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Built-in Grill

To make your outdoor cooking area more permanent, construct a cabinet for your grill. Design the outdoor equivalent to a kitchen island and include space for storing your utensils, charcoal, and an extra propane tank for the grill. You can finish the structure with aluminum, tin, shiplap siding, or a stone veneer.

Build a Bar

If you entertain outside often, make an area to store and serve beverages so you won’t have to go inside for drinks. Your outdoor bar could be an extension of your grilling space or you could create a separate area for mixing drinks. Convert an old bookcase or cabinet into a bar with a coat of paint, some hardware, and a bit of reorganization.

Ceiling Fans are Great Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Installing a ceiling fan over your cooking space will improve airflow. You can move smoke and cooking odors out and cool the area. Because mosquitoes are not strong fliers, improved circulation reduces the number of pesky insects in your outdoor space.

Container Gardening for Herbs

When cooking outdoors, it’s convenient to have fresh herbs available nearby. Planting a container garden in or near your kitchen is a great idea. Choose herbs you and your family often use when cooking.

Common favorites include rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro, and mint. Purchase planters or build planter boxes to compliment your kitchen area. It’s easy to grow herbs for use in your outdoor meals.

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