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Certified Termite Inspections Garfield NJ

Termites are destructive insects that have a long history of frustration for homeowners, causing costly structural damage to homes that often go unseen for long periods of time.Termite Infestation Termite Inspector Garfield Bergen County NJ Our Garfield NJ, and Bergen County, NJ wide termite inspections evaluate your home for any indications of previous termite damage. We highly recommend scheduling this termite or wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspection before you agree to terms with the seller of your prospective home. As your local Garfield and Bergen County, NJ-based termite inspector, Veriguard will not only take the time to inspect your property thoroughly but answer any questions acknowledging your concerns for a potential termite problem.

Phil Vitanzo is the owner and home inspector of Veriguard Home Inspections. There’s a certain amount of unpredictability when buying or owning a home, and that can be disconcerting. With the right home inspector, it is possible to know what to expect from a home and when. It’s important to know anything that could detract from a home’s quality, including safety or structural shortcomings and/or potential financial liabilities.

Garfield NJ Termite Inspector Qualifications

We take the necessary education and experience seriously at Veriguard Home Inspections. Here are our qualifications:Garfield NJ Map Termite Inspection

  • Certified NJ Home Inspector Lic: 24GI0014750
  • NJDEP Radon Technician Lic: MET13515
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator 58067B
  • IAC Indoor Air Consultants IAC2-04-9127

Why Us For Termite Inspection? | Veriguard Home Inspections

We offer the most experienced inspection services to the local Garfield and Bergen County, NJ area. These include certified home inspections, pre-listing inspections, re-inspections, mold inspections, termite inspections, radon inspections, and new construction inspections.

Veriguard Home Inspections is also perfectly capable of scheduling and coordinating specialized third-party inspection services such as Pool Inspection, Asbestos Testing, and Lead Testing. We can arrange for these services to take place on the same day as your home inspection, saving you from the headache of having to coordinate several different specialists yourself. Contact us today to request an inspection!

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