Mosquitoes are an annoying pest that affect your time spent outdoors this summer. Besides creating itchy bites, mosquitoes also carry diseases that can endanger the health of your family and friends. Here are some simple things you can do to repel mosquitoes from your property.

Install Screen Doors & Windows to Repel Mosquitoes

Screen doors and windows are a relatively cheap and easy way of keeping mosquitoes out of your house. However, not all screens are created equal. Purchase screening which specifically notes it is good for keeping mosquitoes out.

If you like to keep sliding doors open in warmer weather, purchase a magnetic screen mesh curtain to hang from your door. This is perfect for parties or other occasions when you need to leave the door open but want to prevent mosquitoes from coming indoors.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water because they lay their eggs in it. If you eliminate standing water, you get rid of their breeding ground. Regularly inspect your yard for places where water may pool. Regularly empty water from buckets, children’s toys, plant saucers, and anywhere else it collects.

To Repel Mosquitoes, Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters create areas for water to gather, which attracts mosquitoes. Cleaning your gutters at least twice a year helps to repel mosquitoes from your property. To make the job easier, purchase screen guards for your gutters to help keep leaves and other debris out and allow water to flow more freely.

Purchase Mosquito Repellents

There is an array of mosquito-repellent products you can use around your property to deter mosquitoes. Along with bug sprays, there are also candles, bug zappers, electric mosquito traps, repellent plants, and citronella torches. Use a combination of options that work best for your property layout.

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