Electrical issues are one of the leading causes of house fires every year. Be on the lookout for any electrical problem in your home. Here are five warning signs that you should call an electrician.

Don’t Attempt to Repair Any Electrical Problem in Your Home

Electricity is dangerous. This guide will help you identify issues, but don’t attempt to make repairs on your own. Even replacing a light switch can be hazardous if not done correctly. Always have a licensed electrician handle any electrical repairs.

1. Breakers That Frequently Trip

The electrical system in your home should be rated to handle the demand from the appliances you use. If a certain breaker is frequently resetting, then it’s a sign that something isn’t right. There could be a short in your wiring or the device that you’re plugging in might be damaged. If your breakers are tripping often, have a professional investigate the problem.

2. Heat Damaged Receptacles

Heat damage is a symptom of a major electrical problem in your home. This often happens when high-voltage devices are used in standard outlets. If this happens, a functioning breaker should reset to prevent stress on your electrical system. Heat damage might be an indication that safety mechanisms aren’t working correctly. HGTV lists electrical problems like this as one of the top hazards found in homes during an inspection.

3. Loose Cover Plates On Switches And Outlets

Covers on switches can loosen over time. A loose plate may indicate that the switch isn’t properly mounted to the frame of your home. Loose receptacles can damage the connecting wires. Every outlet should be securely fastened, and every face-plate should be tightly attached. If it’s loose, the entire outlet might be detached from the mounting surface within your wall. This is an easy fix for an electrician.

4. Flickering Lights Could be a Sign of an Electrical Problem in Your Home

If your lights flicker when they’re on, you may have a short in your wiring. This typically happens when the grounding wire isn’t connected properly. It could also mean that the light fixture is damaged or failing and it needs to be replaced.

5. Electrical Shocks From Appliances

Have you noticed an electrical arc from an outlet when plugging in a device? Do you sometimes feel a shock from touching a metal surface on one of your appliances? These are two signs that your outlet isn’t grounded properly. This is a dangerous situation and you should call an electrician to make repairs.

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