If you are planning to sell your home, order a pre-listing inspection. This home inspection will alert you to any problems in your home that will be discovered by the homebuyer once they order a home inspection. Some issues are worth fixing before listing your home and some aren’t. Here is a list of 5 home repairs to make before selling.

Interior Painting

Painting the walls can completely transform the room. If a house looks dark and dreary in the photos online, it probably won’t fetch too many interested potential buyers. Houses with natural light are generally more appealing to people, and lighter shades on the walls make windows look larger and rooms brighter. Non-traditional colors on the walls are more likely to cause buyers to lose interest before they ever step foot in the home.

Home Repairs to Make Before Selling Include the Roof

A failing roof is a red flag to buyers. If this is discovered in the home inspection, the buyer will most likely ask you to fix it before closing. Replacing the roof while the transaction is already underway will cause major holdups, as most roofing contractors have a waiting list. If the roof is at the end of its lifespan or otherwise failing, replace it before putting your house on the market. You’ll be able to shop around for the most affordable roof contractor and get it done without time constraints. With a new roof, a potential buyer will feel more confident about the home purchase.

Install a Radon Mitigation System

Most homebuyers will order a radon test along with their home inspection. Radon is a carcinogenic gas that can be a threat in any home. If the radon test comes back showing unsafe levels, it is normal for the buyer to request that you put in a mitigation system to lower the levels. Order your own radon test and install a mitigation system if high levels are found, and you won’t run into this problem when you are selling your home.

Remove Moldy Carpet

The smell of mold will raise a warning to anyone touring the home. Oftentimes, this smell comes from old carpeting that has gotten wet and gotten moldy. Remove carpet that smells moldy or looks stained and dirty. Replace it with a hard flooring option, and choose waterproof materials for a basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

Home Repairs to Make Before Selling: Water Stains

Water stains are unsightly and make a potential buyer worry about leaks and mold in the home. Even if the leak is no longer active, water stains from a previous leak may frighten off a buyer. Most of the time, it isn’t sufficient to paint over a water stain; you’ll need to replace the drywall.

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