Before putting your home on the market, you’ll have a list of tasks to prepare the property. One item that may be missing from your list is scheduling a pre-listing home inspection. While you may feel this step is unnecessary because the buyer will order an inspection anyway, there are many benefits of having a home inspection prior to listing the house for sale.

Have Time for Repairs

The inspector will provide a report detailing any problems or safety issues in your home. Using this list, you can determine which repairs you can do yourself and which ones you need to hire a professional for. There may be some fixes you choose not to complete. Set the price of your home accordingly and the buyer can make the repairs.

If you decide to hire a professional for the work, you’ll have time to request multiple quotes for the job if you haven’t listed the home yet. Waiting for the buyer to request repairs sets you up for a time crunch. The buyer may also request a certain contractor for the work, costing you more than necessary.

Prevents Unexpected Surprises With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

The sales process may be moving forward smoothly until a surprise issue pops up during the buyer’s inspection. If you have an inspection performed before listing the home, this won’t occur because you’ve likely already addressed any issues. The sale can proceed quickly and easily when you’ve ordered a pre-listing home inspection.

A More Profitable Sale

By making repairs and updates before listing, your home will be more appealing to buyers. Sharing the results of the inspection report gives your buyer confidence in the property, and they may put in a higher offer more quickly. They will also be more likely to offer full asking price or more because they know the house has been well-maintained.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Helps Price Your Property Fairly

Pricing your home can feel like guesswork if you’re uncertain of the actual condition of the house. You don’t want to list it too high and risk having it on the market for too long, but you also don’t want to price it so low that you aren’t getting a good return on it. The inspection helps you list your home at an accurate price.

The Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

By having a home inspection done before listing the property, you set yourself up for a smooth sale for everyone involved. You will have control over the timing of repairs and the asking price of the property. The benefits of a pre-listing home inspection out-weigh the cost of a professional inspector.

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