When you order a home inspection, you get a thorough assessment of the property you’re purchasing. The inspector will provide a report detailing any problems, defects, and safety concerns in the home. During negotiations, the buyer can request that the seller fix defective components before closing. Call your inspector for a re-inspection of your home after repairs are made.

Request Repairs

If you decide to request that the seller repair or replace certain components of the home, be specific. Make sure the seller understands the problem. Your home inspection report will help you by providing detailed information about issues found, but it’s best to ask for specific repairs. For example, if your inspector discovered rusted and sagging guttering, request that the guttering be replaced. Otherwise, the seller may opt to repaint and reattach the existing guttering to the home.

Why Should You Order a Re-Inspection of a Home?

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. When you’re buying a house you love, you may feel uneasy about the purchase if a major problem is found. If the sales contract provides a contingency for the home inspection, you can ask the seller to make repairs before the sale is final. A re-inspection will confirm that repairs have been completed or the defective components have been replaced.

Re-Inspection of a Home Verifies Quality Work

Ordering a re-inspection ensures that the completed repairs will be assessed by a professional. It’s normal for the seller to want to make as much profit off the sale as possible and they may attempt DIY repairs. A home inspector will re-inspect the property, looking specifically at the improvements that were requested. As the buyer, you’ll have peace of mind that repair work was performed well and reviewed by a home inspector before closing.

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