As a NJ homeowner, you are probably used to update and renovate projects. If you have a fireplace in your home, it is likely you enjoy spending time by a cozy fire with the family. The fireplace hearth is often overlooked when planning home improvement projects; however, one can change the look and feel of a room with the following 4 ideas for remodeling a fireplace. And by the way, we inspect NJ homes including fireplaces, We are a Hackensack in Bergen County, NJ-based home inspector and we’d love to support your next home and fireplace inspection!

1. Install Glass Doors to Remodel Your Fireplace

Many new fireplaces come with doors installed, and this can be a helpful safety feature to keep sparks and embers from coming out of the fireplace onto the nearby rugs or furniture. If your fireplace wasn’t fitted with doors, it’s easy to add them now. Fireplace doors come in various standard sizes to fit almost all firebox. Because the fireplace can be a focal point of the room it sits in, choose doors that are most attractive and that complement the room’s décor – like glass!

2. Refinish the Brick On The Old Fireplace

If the hearth is brick, there are many different related options to update fireplaces. A limewash will finish brick with a pale, chalky look. An antiqued finish can be achieved by painting over with a gray paint, followed by some stain. Another popular option for refinishing the brick is called a ‘German smear.’ It requires applying some mortar, then removing some before it dries. There are also various other options for different types of brick finish online.

3. Remodel The Fireplace by Updating Its’ Mantle

The mantle can be the most eye-catching part of a fireplace. It can be a large, bold wooden piece or a smaller ledge built from crown molding. The mantle is usually pretty easy to replace, or can simply add elements around the piece to customize the fireplace. Replacing the mantle usually takes less than a day and some homeowners may find they are able to tackle the project on their own.

4. Creative Firewood Storage Around The Fireplace

On a chilly evening, no one looks forward to going outside for the firewood. So why not design a way to store firewood near the fireplace, making it easy to access when the temperatures drop. If there are bookshelves or cabinets near the fireplace, use the bottom shelves to store wood. Remove a door from the cabinet and stack the wood on the shelves inside. A large metal tub can be another way to store firewood indoors. It’s easy to purchase one at a local hardware store that will fit on or near your hearth. You may be able to find a vintage bucket or metal basket at an antique store that will suit your needs. Alternatively, you can purchase an indoor firewood rack. Some are built like narrow metal shelves; others are semicircular in shape, but both will keep the firewood within reach.

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