Whether you’d like to lower your utility bills or are concerned about saving a valuable natural resource, it’s easy to save water in the home. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you and your family reduce water consumption.

Water-Saving Showerhead

A standard showerhead uses, on average, 2.5 gallons of water every minute. Install a new low-flow showerhead to reduce your water usage to 2 gallons per minute or less. Modern showerheads provide a steady flow, with strong pressure, while using less water than older models. If water quality is a concern, showerheads are available with filtration cartridges.

Turn off the Tap to Save Water at Home

Develop the habit of turning off the water when you wash your hands. Use water to dampen your hands, but there is no need to leave the tap on while washing up. Lather your skin and then turn on the water to rinse. The same practice will save water when you brush your teeth and shave.

Repurpose Water

Brainstorm ways to reuse the water in your home. If you need to allow several minutes for your shower to heat up, set a bucket in the stall to catch the cooler water. Water collected in your dehumidifier’s basin goes to waste when it’s poured down the drain. Repurpose this water for house cleaning or watering the garden. Water used to rinse produce or boil pasta can also be reused to water houseplants.

Repair Leaks

To save money and prevent water damage, repair leaks as soon as you discover them. Even a small leak from the pipe under the bathroom sink can waste several gallons of water each day. A leaking toilet isn’t always obvious until you receive an abnormally high water bill. This type of leak can waste 200 gallons in a day. Take steps to prevent plumbing leaks by using a softener for hard water and never putting harsh chemicals down your drains,

Install a Faucet Aerator

An aerator is a small, threaded device that attaches to the end of a faucet. It is designed to reduce splashing and noise from a running tap. It also provides better water pressure and helps reduce water usage.

Use a Rain Barrel to Save Water at Home

Install a rain barrel at the bottom of your gutter’s downspout. It will collect runoff from the rain and snowmelt. Use this water for your lawn and garden tasks to save hundreds of dollars each year on your water bill.

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