Many homeowners follow an annual maintenance plan and make prompt repairs as soon as damage is discovered. Though maintenance steps are helpful in preserving your home’s condition, there may be hidden wood-destroying insects causing damage to your structure. While termites first come to mind, there are other, lesser-known wood-destroying insects that you should be aware of.

The Dangers of Wood-Destroying Insects in the Home

When you have wood-destroying insects in the home, the wood materials weaken and ultimately must be replaced. Infestation should be identified and addressed swiftly to avoid significant property damage. Some infestations are easy to identify, but others can only be detected by a wood-destroying organism inspector.

1. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are larger than typical ants, so you may see them when they are not hidden in your walls. Unlike termites that actually eat wood, carpenter ants burrow into the wood. They create an intricate network of tunnels that weaken the wood and can cause collapse or rapid deterioration.

2. Carpenter Bees

Like carpenter ants, carpenter bees live in tunnels in various types of wood. This is usually wood that is untreated, exposed, or damp. Male carpenter bees are sometimes visible outside of the wood, but female carpenter bees remain in the wood for most of their lifespans. They are smaller than a typical bumblebee and are almost solid black in color.

3. Wood-Boring Beetles

There are several types of wood-boring beetles that can damage your home. In most cases, the adult beetles lay eggs inside the wood. As the larvae hatch in the wood, they begin eating their way to the outside. In the process, they create damaging tunnels that impact the integrity of the wood. These insects live in wood siding, framing and decking materials, fencing, and trees.

Most of the damage caused by wood-destroying insects in the home takes place underneath the surface. Identifying the signs of their presence and damage can be difficult to the untrained eye. Order a wood-destroying organism inspection to learn more about this potential danger to your property.

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